Because one person CAN make a difference!

Let's bring change, effective leadership and accountability back to the city of Youngstown.

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Tracey studied at Youngstown State University and is now a radio talk show host on her show "Tracey and Friends." She has been working in radio, television, and film since the 1980’s. Her background is in marketing and sales, specializing in politics with an emphasis in urban targeting.

Tracey has been involved in politics in the Valley for many years. She served as Vice Chairman of the Mahoning County GOP for four years, and was the Treasurer for the Ohio Republican Party for several years as well.

She was raised in Hubbard Township and is currently living in the inner city of Youngstown with her family.

Tracey’s outspoken passion drives her to help shape the City of Youngstown into the city she knows it can be!

The national media has declared Youngstown dead! Too many people believe this! I don't! We desperately need leaders who are excited about leading! Committed to a vision that will create jobs and enthusiasm and hope for the future! I believe I can lead this charge and lead for change! But I can't do it without YOU.

5 reasons why we MUST elect Tracey Winbush

  1. VISION for the future!
  2. INTEGRITY beyond reproach!
  3. COMMITTMENT to excellence!
  4. FRESH IDEAS to create jobs!
  5. A symbol of CHANGE!

If you care - really care - about the future of Youngstown, you'll vote for the person, not the party!

If you want change - real change - you'll vote for the person, not the party!


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