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Let's bring change, effective leadership and accountability back to the city of Youngstown.

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Our Neighbor Working to Make Youngstown Proud

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What qualifies me for Mayor of Youngstown is my life’s experiences. Most of my life has been here in Youngstown, and as I travel the country and the state of Ohio, I can’t find any place better to live than Youngstown, Ohio.

Life in the Mahoning Valley has prepared me to lead Youngstown into the 21st Century.  I understand my City and I know City Hall and I know what it will take to make Youngstown move aggressively forward as a leading city.

I have been serving the Mahoning Valley community politically for 27 years in one aspect or another.  I have learned and listened from the best leading minds of the 20th Century, and many have been my personal mentors.

I am a woman of service, Service to God, Family and Country and I have chosen to make Youngstown my family.

Youngstown needs help, and I can help stabilize our city and our Valley and lead it into a leading 21st Century City.

My background is vast, diverse, and all-inclusive and will be displayed in my governance. I am a forward thinker and am blessed by God and this is what makes me qualified.

The national media has declared Youngstown dead! Too many people believe this! I don't! We desperately need leaders who are excited about leading! Committed to a vision that will create jobs and enthusiasm and hope for the future! I believe I can lead this charge and lead for change! But I can't do it without YOU.

Tracey is ready to promote change in Youngstown, and that starts with…

  1. | A vision for the future with a plan of attack

  2.  | Commitment to lead and develop our whole community with your help

  3. | Equal access and information for everyone

  4. | Fresh ideas to solve hard problems

  5. | Integrity that answers to you daily

  6. | A symbol of change that lets everyone in our community help to solve our problems

If you care - really care - about the future of Youngstown, you'll vote for the person, not the party!

If you want change - real change - you'll vote for the person, not the party!

Vote Tuesday
November 2ND 2021

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A Leader We Can Count On To Make a Change


Everyone has a right to feel secure in their homes and communities. I will address this by re-aligning all safety services, and first responders so that the community feels safe and criminals are convicted to the fullest extent of the law


Jobs and City Income Tax relief - Strengthen City Hall into a forward 21st Century City of growth and economic opportunity with equal access for everyone. Beginning with our internal systems and working outward so the citizens of Youngstown can feel the impact of our growth in their quality of life.


Youngstown will be a 21st Century leading city with strong leadership that will make the hard decisions and build future  communication, water and sewages, mass transit, roads and bridges, electric and technology that will prepare our city for generations to live, work and play in.

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